Monday, May 2, 2011

The Best Team Always Win

The Best Team Always Win
I posted two articles addressing some issues I felt were important to discuss. The first article was entitled A Winning Team and the second entitled Baseball’s Great Debates. The first related to the choosing of players to form a winning team and the second was to bring to light some of baseball’s debates between players, fans, analysts and management. The intent of these articles was to spark interest and conversation about baseball, its operation and relationships between fan, players and management. In doing so, I made some statements that may have raised a few eyebrows. This article is a continuation of two previous writings.
Though I have  made many statements in some of my articles, there is one that caused some interesting conversation among my peers and other associates and I believe this particular statement is worthy of your opinions and insight. Let me start by giving a little review of Mookie’s View. It is the hope of every organization to choose the players that will produce a winning team. In accomplishing this task, we must understand that a winning team is more than a collection of talented athletes motivated by selfish agendas and accomplishments. It has been proven over the course of time that having good athletes alone does not guarantee having a winning team. If nothing else, the game of baseball, in spite of the results, can teach us valuable lessons when observed objectively.
Regardless of our efforts, your expectation, the history, personnel or evaluations of any team, the best team always win. I do not make this statement from statistical numbers or expectations but from experience. This is an open and personal statement worthy of a debate which I’ve had with others. Some disagree giving a few understandable if not valid reasons for their opinions and others agree without conviction or understanding why. It would be interesting to hear what you have to say on this statement.

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